The best types of wedding entertainment

It’s one of the most important days of your whole life, but what can you do to make it special for your guests too? The entertainment provided at your wedding can be the missing piece to making it a night to remember, so here are 5 of the greatest types of wedding entertainment that you should consider for your special day!


Nothing screams romance like a live pianist dedicating their music to you and your new partner! Hiring a musician can make your wedding party stand out from any other. Alternatively, if you aren’t looking for a romantic dance to a live piano recital, why not go for a drummer? They’re vibrant and rhythmic – people won’t be able to resist dancing to the beat of the drums!


What better way to blow your guests minds than to make your wedding more enchanting than it already was by having a live magician! They’re also ideal for entertaining younger guests and not just the adults. A magician can perform during the drinks reception or even have their own set and work the room for as long as you like.

Photo booth

Can you really imagine a wedding reception without one? Provide your guests with funky props to create joyful moments to be caught on camera and never forgotten! Nothing’s better than the memory of your special day – and it’s even better seeing the smiles on your guests faces!


Everybody loves a fancy display of fireworks, and what better to celebrate the most special day of your life? Your guests will love them and it will make that day just that bit more magical.

Live band

Middleton Lodge Wedding Venue Party Leeds Live Music Dancing

Nobody can fault a live band at their wedding. People have the best time when they’re dancing to music they love and have had a drink (or two), and it’s even better when it’s live music! Nobody wants to see their guests sat around at a wedding, so get them up off their feet by finding a wedding band to perform your favourite music and make it a night to remember!

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